YUZIMA has been hailed as an "indie luminary" who mixes industrial, noise rock and soulful vocals. Welcome to his official site.

Stream the 'mighty' BEHEMOTH / now on yuzima.com 

YUZIMA's new single BEHEMOTH is trampling the blogosphere. Nicknamed the "mighty" behemoth by Goldmine Sacks from Impose Magazine, the song continues to get play from a give away on PureVolume, and new features from The Modern Folk Music of America and Mysocalledgaylife. Now stream it HERE:


THE BEHEMOTH is HERE (New Single Premiered on Impose Magazine)  

Be prepared for a different and new world THE BEHEMOTH; Yuzima's new single and the title from his upcoming 2nd insta-album was debuted yesterday on the notorious Impose Magazine written by Goldmine Sacks / Sjimon Gompers. Read the excerpt below
"Taking on the bestial like form of the monstrous “BEHEMOTH”; the feedback blasts forth all the action from the very beginning, where the structures of faux safety and the shallow securities of concepts and constructs are abandoned, and/or knocked down" READ HERE

Wednesday Night Pianos  

If you missed it, you missed out. Check out a clip of YUZIMA playing "Madame Laveau" from BASH {Insta-Album} on Wednesday at the world famous Pianos music venue. 


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