"Prince of Noize"

YUZIMA and "Atheist" land on Posture Mag with Interview  

After a rousing review from Impose Mag, Diamond Deposits to name a few, and thousands of streams, YUZIMA's latest single lands on the groundbreaking Posture Magazine. Here's an excerpt of the interview with editor Winter Mendelson:  

“To me nothing is taboo; that’s what an artist does, they go where others are scared to go, they pull down the veil of every aspect of society.”​

Read the full interview

IMPOSE premieres "ATHEIST" 

YUZIMA is on a roll after his last release "Behemoth" rampaged the blogosphere; new single and first from his upcoming last Insta-Album "Atheist" got a rousing review from the blog that tagged YUZIMA the "Prince of Noize" saying:

"On “Atheist”, YUZIMA invites you to dance with the demons, angels, activists, evangelists, and more while wrestling questions of deities and doctrines peddled by merchants of hope."



IheartNoise famously said Yuzima was more entertaining than Grammys2016, now they've asked the "Prince of Noize" to do a mix of some of the tunes he's listening to including artist's like Slayer and Future. CHECK IT OUT HERE

Mad Media Love for "Say What You Mean"  

"Say What You Mean" is hitting super hard, Impose Mag, The Modern Folk Music of Amerca, My Fuzz, Broadway Music World, Accidental Bear and more (a group of awesome Grammy twitter bloggers) give the new video a ton of props. 


"With 2016 entering the second quarter YUZIMA remains an artist to watch" - Impose

'Say what you mean' might be my favorite song of his since the first one i heard and loved, 'Sex City' - The Modern Folk Music of America


Impose Mag anoints YUZIMA the new "Prince of Noize" 

Impose has glowingly reviewed all three songs off of YUZIMA's new insta-album BEHEMOTH (available on bandcamp) reviewing the whole album - upon release - last Friday. Now Impose writer Goldmine Sacks has gone further calling YUZIMA "NYC's new Prince of Noize" in a tweet promoting the review. This on top of an awesome review that same day from indie blog The Sound of Confusion. The album has been featured on more than a dozen blogs and continues to gather praise. Listen here


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