YUZIMA has been hailed as an "indie luminary" who mixes industrial, noise rock and soulful vocals. Welcome to his official site.


Underground hit "Behemoth" has pushed YUZIMA up to the top of the Deli Mag emerging artists top 200 charts. PROPS 

"BEHEMOTH" shakes DOA  

Awesome indie blog DOA and writer Jen Dan are the latest to feature "BEHEMOTH", they are the seventh, as YUZIMA prepares to drop the music video. Check it out here. Also download "BEHEMOTH" exclusively now on bandcamp


Stream the 'mighty' BEHEMOTH / now on yuzima.com 

YUZIMA's new single BEHEMOTH is trampling the blogosphere. Nicknamed the "mighty" behemoth by Goldmine Sacks from Impose Magazine, the song continues to get play from a give away on PureVolume, and new features from The Modern Folk Music of America and Mysocalledgaylife. Now stream it HERE:


THE BEHEMOTH is HERE (New Single Premiered on Impose Magazine)  

Be prepared for a different and new world: THE BEHEMOTH; Yuzima's new single and the title from his upcoming 2nd insta-album was debuted yesterday on the notorious Impose Magazine written by Goldmine Sacks / Sjimon Gompers. Read the excerpt below
"Taking on the bestial like form of the monstrous “BEHEMOTH”; the feedback blasts forth all the action from the very beginning, where the structures of faux safety and the shallow securities of concepts and constructs are abandoned, and/or knocked down" READ HERE


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