"Prince of Noize"

A Kick In The Ballot Box, "RESIST" debuts on SWIT, IMPOSE and Boy Culture 

I'm coming into 2017 swinging with RESIST a call-to-action to take on the hate that has entered The White House. We as musicians have to FIGHT at
every level. It debuted on SWIT, then Boy Culture and IMPOSE, and hasn't even officially gone out yet. Check it out at SWIT.

SWIT - "A Kick In The Ballot Box"
Boy Culture - "Resistance is Futile"
IMPOSE - "We present you with the latest offering from NYC's noise king"

Secular Yakking interview 

While promoting my new music video Atheist, I was invited on atheism podcast Secular Yakking to talk about the ideas behind Atheist and about the filming of the video in New Orleans. I talk about growing up in Gun Hill Projects in the Bronx and dancing on the graves of slave masters in Lafayette Cemetery No. 1 in the video shoot.  Check it out below.

listen at Secular Yakking 

'Living Off The Land' Explodes  

Following my last single which was called a "masterpiece", I'm dropping my next single Living Off The Land from the insta-album by the same name. Here's a manifesto I wrote about it: 

our ancestors started farming on different lands creating the foods we are all still eating / NOURISHMENT / rice / wheat / maze / sweet potato’s / sowing the seeds for our modern experiences / WISDOM / our major religions and belief systems / fighting war disease and self-inflicted wounds / in these times many cosign group-think while attacking fact / double-speak to hide the truth not reveal it / our ancestors combed the beaches of Africa and Asia over thousands of years populating every angle of the planet / MOVEMENT / many of those people jumped / were forced / on ships to migrate to america where we sow the current seeds and push life forward in the rhythm and dance of soul, noise and rock and roll / LIVING OFF THE LAND