"Prince of Noize"


British music blog FEW is relaunching today as mega blog SWIT and they are marking it with an interview with me.

"YUZIMA , NYC’s “Prince of Noize” has just released his excellent new single “Would It Be Ok” from his insta-album “Living Off The Land”. Combining prescient, focused, politically-charged lyrics with an innate gift for melody and experimentation he’s making something beautiful, something unique. It says here that “Yuzima’s music can easily be described as if Nirvana collaborated with Prince and Metz in a cave of Ty Segall lo-fi genius” but maybe that’s too easy because it’s much more than all that, it’s Yuzima’s thing, listen and you’ll understand. He kindly did an interview with us a few weeks back and I’m proud that it’s the first piece we’ve  published under out new moniker. Life is swit." Read Here 


"I don't believe in God, I do believe in Yuzima" - FEW features "Living Off The Land" 

Ladies and Gents, we are delighted to present YUZIMA's new EP "Living Off The Land".  

He says "Right in time for summer vacation, and in the throws of a nasty political season, NYC's media anointed "Prince of Noise" throws a grenade, dropping his third release - in the much praised insta-album series - "Living Off The Land".  

We say it's pretty bloody good and we'll be following up with a noisy interview in a few weeks. Check It Out.



"Yuz embraces the unknown of the void in the hopes for something greater, from the market of sold souls & Beelzebub-fuzz portraits of oppressor-men on “Atheist”, to pursuits of better politics, freedom, & happiness on “Would It Be Okay” to the big feudal “Living Off The Land” that turns sharecropping opportunities into dystopian symptoms of the current era." Read Here 

Yuzima drops surprise new insta-album "Living Off The Land"  

Even as reviews continue to pour in on first single "ATHEIST" (as in this one from Anthem Review), NYC "prince of noise" YUZIMA dropped his latest and last 'insta-album" "Living Off The Land", attacking everything from "public demon entertainment trickster" Donald Trump to referencing gun culture in rock and roll and the mass genocide of Native Americans. The album came by surprise in the night after the Gun Hill projects raised artist, earlier that day leaked second single "Would It Be Ok" a cross between Future style trap and a minimalist version of the "Yellow Submarine" period of The Beatles. Yuzima says, "as the culture gets loud we (artists) have to get louder." He even speaks to music blog epic center I Heart Noise about the release song by song here. They also in a tweet call the album a "Politically charged soundtrack to surviving a new age" read here and listen below.


"1 to 10, a strong 9" IndiePulse joins the chorus for "Atheist"  

YUZIMA's latest single is spreading the word from blog to blog with many notable blogs handing in reviews. Here's a great one out today from "IndiePulse" 

"Atheist is very upbeat and Guitar “pop-hop” oriented, but lyrically a bit darker, asking the unanswerable questions of faith and life, sort of a modern neo-punk style but non angst driven... the artist took time to write a song that is true to the manner and message. If judging on 1 to 10, a strong 9..." Read in full 

YUZIMA and "Atheist" land on Posture Mag with Interview  

After a rousing review from Impose Mag, Diamond Deposits to name a few, and thousands of streams, YUZIMA's latest single lands on the groundbreaking Posture Magazine. Here's an excerpt of the interview with editor Winter Mendelson:  

“To me nothing is taboo; that’s what an artist does, they go where others are scared to go, they pull down the veil of every aspect of society.”​

Read the full interview

IMPOSE premieres "ATHEIST" 

YUZIMA is on a roll after his last release "Behemoth" rampaged the blogosphere; new single and first from his upcoming last Insta-Album "Atheist" got a rousing review from the blog that tagged YUZIMA the "Prince of Noize" saying:

"On “Atheist”, YUZIMA invites you to dance with the demons, angels, activists, evangelists, and more while wrestling questions of deities and doctrines peddled by merchants of hope."



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